What we do for our subscriber/client: LIT Ltd. will help you stay up to date on what is happening in your Lowcountry government that might affect you, your business, or organization (whether it is Beaufort County Council, Jasper County Council, Hilton Head Island Town Council, Bluffton Town Council, Hardeeville City Council, Port Royal Town Council Beaufort City Council or regional governing bodies). We attend meetings of councils, as well as strategic planning sessions and meetings of standing and ad hoc committees. We summarize the actions at those meetings and supply weekly written reports, tailor-made to the specific needs of our subscribers. In addition we supply immediate, one-on-one contact with you when it concerns one of your priorities.  You go about your business. We put you on the inside track.

Because you choose to be informed in a timely manner, you will avoid being blind-sided by passage of laws that can adversely affect your interests. Did you know that most governing bodies only allow you three minutes to speak on matters they are considering—and that is on the second/final reading? In order to do the job, you would need to:

•Check calendars of all Town, County and regional Council and committee meetings regularly.
•Download agendas prior to meetings (if they are available) to see if you need to attend the meeting.
•Read the Minutes (which may not be posted for a month following a meeting).

In addition, you may not have the time or expertise to read Minutes in their entirety or interpret the terminology describing the actions or parliamentary procedures. Why not leave it up to the experts, Joe Croley, Eleanor Lightsey and their staff, and outsource this extremely important part of your workload.

Anyone who wants to know the actions of Beaufort County Council or School Board, or Jasper County Council, or any of the Towns of Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Port Royal or the Cities of Beaufort and Hardeeville, (or all of them) and their committees, and who doesn’t want to or can’t attend meetings in person, and needs:

•to be notified if they should be in attendance
•to know votes and/or actions before Minutes are posted on a website
•information more accurately than might be found in print media
•precise reporting that is tailor-made to their interests, with extraneous information eliminated, and with references/links for further detail
•to reduce employee costs, overhead, travel expenses and risk.

This may be you if you are a Chamber of Commerce, governmental body or agency, university or college, board of education, charitable organization, attorney, real estate agent, banker, developer, professional organization, arts or culture organization, church, homeowners’ association, business owner, environmentalist, or a citizen just interested in  our community.

Want to make more $$$$$? Keep more of your revenue? Protect your property? Reduce your taxes? It is all possible—and it starts with staying informed—increasing your awareness of government and how it impacts your life. LIT Ltd.’s goal is just that.

Are you tired of learning about things that involve you after the fact? LIT Ltd. puts you in front of the decision-makers before it’s too late.

Do you want a chance to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to government laws, taxes and millage, zoning, regulations, policing, standards, etc.? LIT Ltd. identifies items when they go “into the pipeline” and reports them to you.

Could you benefit by having someone with years of experience on the “inside track” using their eyes and ears for you? LIT Ltd. has been tracking and reporting Lowcountry government meetings on behalf of clients for more than eight years.

Want to get on with your other business and know your interests will be protected? LIT Ltd. can take some of the burden off of you.

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