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    Joseph E. Croley, Government Affairs Consultant, is one of the co-founders of LIT Ltd., which was incorporated in 2011. For six years prior to that he was employed as Government Affairs Director for a local Association of Realtors, advising Association membership on legislative issues relating to the local real estate market.  Prior to that, Joe was responsible for the acquisition of computer equipment, hardware configurations, and capacity planning for all Bell Atlantic Large Scale Computer Centers.  In addition, Joe wrote over 400 weekly opinion columns concerning local political issues for Bluffton Today.  “Very few folks know what is really going on better than Joe Croley. His insight is invaluable.”
    Eleanor W. Lightsey, MBA, Business Manager, is the other founder of LIT Ltd., responsible for marketing and customer service. Early in her working career, Eleanor served as Recording and Bill Clerk on the Desk of the SC House of Representatives, where she became well versed in parliamentary procedure and law-making protocol, authoring the booklet SC Legislative Process. A fascination with politics and government remained throughout her later career in the legal and legislative arenas. During her most recent position as executive director of a 1400-member association of Realtors, she created and supervised the Governmental Affairs Liaison position and maintained a close relationship with governing agencies. “Eleanor’s in-depth knowledge of legislative procedures, processes and personalities allows her to develop effective strategies. Her exemplary leadership skills consistently help achieve the goals set by her clients.”

- Suzanne Larson, Legislative Consultant, served as Beaufort County's Public Information Officer from 2004-12, where she developed an understanding of the issues affecting the citizens, businesses and organizations of the Lowcountry. Previously she spent more than 20 years working on television news and documentaries, newspaper reporting and writing for the Web. She earned her B.A. in Journalism from Humboldt State University, Arcata Ca. She has lived and worked in the Lowcountry since 1986. "Suzanne has a deep respect for the power of information and its ability to connect various civic and political communities."


- Lolita Huckaby Watson, Legislative Consultant, became associated with LIT Ltd. following a reporting career that spans 35 years. She wrote for Bluffton Today, the Beaufort Gazette and the Savannah Morning News, along with newspapers in North Carolina. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill. "Lolita is one of the most respected journalists in the region. She has proven her abilities and always remains fair, accurate and objective in her work, having in-depth knowledge of the issues that affect residents of the Lowcountry."


- Joe Lee, Legislative Consultant, was raised in West Virginia and attended UVA. His previous career included industrial marketing for Bendix for 29 years, and Ashland Petroleum for 10 years, before retiring to Port Royal in 2001.  Elected to Port Royal Town Council in 2006, he served until retiring in 2015.  Joe also served on the SC Municipal Association Board for 3 years, representing the LCOG region.  He is a Founding officer in the Old Village Association, a former Chamber Ambassador, Past President of Friends of Fort Fremont and a current Board member.  "Joe is dedicated to the notion that clear, timely, accurate communication is an essential key to democracy."


- E. Marie Wilson, CPP-T, PRP, Associated Parliamentarian, holds a masters degree in public administration and has extensive experience with state and local government and regulatory agencies. She uses this background to help organizations find creative solutions for their internal problems and externally mandated restrictions. Marie is also an experienced presiding officer and moderator for town meetings and homeowners’ associations.  She is affiliated with A Great Meeting, Inc. which publishes monthly responses to parliamentary questions.  These "snippets" are free and can be found at www.agreatmeeting.com/snippet.html




Knowledgeable, Accurate

I have known Joe throughout my career as an elected official and have always found him to be knowledgeable of the current issues and to fairly and accurately portray the status of the associated proceedings.
– Beaufort County State Senator Tom Davis

Information Immediately and Accurately

"With 13+ years of experience under his belt, Joe knows more than anyone else about what's happening, why it's happening, and how it affects business. I am confident he can do the same for you and any other business or organization that has an interest in staying on the "inside track." We got our information immediately and accurately. It was a pleasure working with someone who enjoyed his work so much – it always showed in the care he took with each task he performed."
– Rick Saba, Realtor
Former Chair, Realtors Legal and Legislative Committee

Invaluable Service

We at this law firm have subscribed to the services of LowCountry Inside Track since its inception and are grateful for the services provided by Eleanor Lightsey and Joe Croley. In our business of representing land owners, developers and even governmental agencies, this subscription service has proved invaluable to the attorneys in this firm, because it allows us to keep our fingers on the pulse and saves the clients expense. When we have had questions and needed further or more in-depth analysis, LowCountry InsideTrack has provided it to us in a most timely manner. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.
- Roberts Vaux
Vaux Marscher Berglind PA